02BD2: Nephew Time

Wednesday Chicken and Pork Tripe Soup

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 970

Mid-week. Hump Day. Yes, we're closer to the weekend than the start of the workweek at this point, which also means that we'll be going home soon. Even a full two weeks can fly by so quickly. And Tobie and I are still going to work through the rest of the week, so time is going to blitz by even faster.

One of the things I look forward to most while here is the time I get to spend with my nephews. The younger one is still night and day in terms of attention and affection, but I'm patient. The old one is really at that age where he's developing a greater sense of self and it's fascinating to observe. At the same time, he's forming a clearer picture of me - he's starting to call me "Uncle" more consistently now. 

My heart melts when he takes my hand whether it's just to make me sit beside him as he plays or if he means he's going to break into a run and he expects me to follow. Earlier today I joined the trip to pick him up from school. When he came out he blurted a quick "Uncle!" and then he immediately ran down the hallway and barely stopped to check if I was chasing after him. But of course, I did run after him, and eventually, he took my hand and we "went up the mountain" - sometimes fast, and sometimes slow. It was a little tiring, sure. But hey, this uncle would do anything for his nephews. 

Between time apart and my phone issues last Monday, I realize I haven't taken too many photos of or with the boys. And with only two full days left in this trip. I have some catching up to do, I think. Not that the boys are the most open to selfies with me at this point. One is forever distracted by whatever is holding his attention and the other one is being coy and doesn't want me to carry him consistently. But hey, I'm always up for a challenge.