02BCA: Happier Things

Ratio Cafe and Lounge

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 962

Beyond the very long journey to Singapore we went through, we haven't let that first-day experience totally ruin the trip as a whole. Sure, we ended up needing to sleep through half of our first full day in Singapore, but we still had plenty of time for other things.

Monday was mostly about the immediate area, which I've become very familiar with across my various work and family trips. Thus it was more about me showing Tobie our usual haunts and just how convenient it is to be walking distance from places like Great World City. Thus part of the day's entertainments were visiting the nearby Cold Storage and immediately comparing it to Meidi-Ya downstairs and other fun things. And we even got to squeeze in a hotpot dinner at Beauty in a Pot, which helped us focus on the trip ahead versus dwelling on all that had come before.

And for some proper Halloween feels, we settled in to watch Barbarian while we bought caught up on all the internet things we had missed from the last 24 hours.

Today we still slept in a bit late and only really marked a visit to Ochard as our actual itererary item. That left the morning pretty chill followed by a light lunch from the nearby Zion Riverside Food Centre. Then we joined the family in picking up my nephew from school and from there we made our rounds of Orchard. 

We mainly go to Orchard for the few board game stores in the area, but this time I did set out to find Ratio Cafe after watching this Singapore coffee documentary on the flight in. It turns out they have two locations at pretty much the opposite ends of Orchard Road and I was nerdily happy to order a cocktail prepared by a robot bartender/barista. I know, it's a bit of a novelty thing, but hey we're tourists! We get to do silly things like this!

We didn't buy any new board games just yet but we made go back to the store before the end of the trip should we change our minds. I also got to show Tobie Don Don Donki because of course I did and it's crazy. We didn't pick up a lot, but it's really more the experience of the thing that counts. 

We're going to be working throughout the rest of the week, but that doesn't mean we won't be able to enjoy ourselves outside of that time. Plus we're going to have some dog-watching duties to juggle as well, so I'm sure that's going to keep us busy on all fronts.

The only question is...what are we going to do during the weekend?