02BDA: Another Anniversary at Home

13th Anniversary

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 978

Tobie and I have been together for 13 years now. Today isn't quite the day we first officially got together, but it is the day we've chosen to celebrate as our anniversary. 

Last year my big surprise was getting us a YouTube Premium family plan, and that's still active so that worked out. This year I didn't have some big clever digital purchase planned apart from Disney+ coincidentally going live in the Philippines on the day of our anniversary. But I did write a blog post and advance-ordered cakes with anniversary dedications via Keto Filipino and that helped add a little special things to the day.

It's hard to consider how to celebrate your anniversary given pandemic-related health and safety concerns and the fact that it's still a workday. And Tobie and I both had pretty full shifts so we didn't even get to talk all that much until we had both logged out for the day. Things had been busy enough that we had ordered out for SaladStop! for lunch (so exciting, I know) but then at least ordered out for our much-beloved Sariwon for dinner while watching another episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Our gaming plans for tomorrow got canceled due to regrettable complications, so now our night is free. It would be a good time for some sort of anniversary-related celebrating maybe, but I haven't quite mapped out anything for us just yet. It would be nice to catch Black Adam in a cinema, but I suspect we'd have to leave BGC to find a theater still showing it, and we're bound to be too lazy for that sort of thing. Sunday is also free since our RPG session for that day got canceled as well, so we'll see what we can do to make the most of this weekend. 

While it doesn't sound all that exciting, I'm still happy with today. Even the little things we get to do to celebrate our love for one another are always going to be a good thing. But I still want to do something else maybe but I have no idea what. As if our 2 weeks in Singapore wasn't one big early anniversary thing or whatever. 

We'll see. Maybe Tobie will have some ideas.