02BCE: Dog Day Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Mikey

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 966

So today wasn't very touristy, but we still had a good time. The most vacation-ish thing we did today was to stay up late to watch the Light & Magic documentary on Disney+ and then woke up close to noon. Ah, the luxury of sleeping in. To be fair, I had actually woken up at around 10:30 and made sure to boost a post and feed the office cats. But Tobie slept in more and we only started moving past noon.

As semi-planned, we stayed in the area today in order to give the dogs some people time and to get some laundry done. It was drizzling when we stepped out, so we had to keep the walk somewhat short. And then we just hung out at my sister's place and started watching Paper Girls, mainly because my own Amazon Prime Video subscription had lapsed.

After watching the first episode, we decided to finally step out for brunch. So I took Tobie to Robertson Quay, which I'd typically jog to, to check out the restaurants there. We ended up at the Australian Boomerang restaurant, mainly because it was the only place I had eaten at before and it had a decent crowd but wasn't crazily full either. And then we just went right back to hang out with the dogs again and finish up Paper Girls while waiting for the laundry to dry. And while we did step out for the dogs' evening walk, we just ordered in and finished the last few episodes of the show with sleeping dogs all around.

We may have tired them out a bit with all the walking we did today. I'm sure they're going to sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow we have Avatar: The Experience up first and then we'll take the Singapore DUCKtour after and then call it a day. That'll certainly make for a busy afternoon and yet still leaves us some time to walk the dogs in the morning and maybe grab something to eat in between. Let's see how things go.