02BDE: Monday Mood

Monday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 982

We were finally to settle this week's grocery shopping after work today. There's nothing particularly exciting about this part of our day. It was just a thing that needed doing and all we can talk about is how the cost of goods continues to increase while our supply chain remains unimpressive. It's beyond our control for now and I don't think things are going to change anytime soon.

The big O Bar event to celebrate Precious Paula Nicole's Drag Race Philippines win was confirmed for 27 November, which is a Sunday. We had heard about the plans for this but we weren't really to believe it until the formal announcement. It's good that we reserved a table regardless. Now a number of friends have reached out to ask if they can join us but, of course, we can't accommodate everyone. It's going to be a pretty big event and people...well, people need to learn to book their own tables.

Twitter is still alive, but if you pay attention you can start to see the cracks forming as different little services seem to be failing one by one. I can no longer log into Twitter using my Google login - it's more reliable to use my actual Twitter username and password to get in, it seems. On mobile, I no longer seem to have an "infinite timeline", as is common across most social media platforms. I wonder what will stop working tomorrow?

I'm trying out Hive Social for a bit as a Twitter alternative, mainly because a lot of the geeky communities like Star Trek Twitter and Star Wars Twitter appear to be making an effort to move there. It's weird so far since (1) it's a mobile-only experience and I'm used to having a desktop option for any social platform I engage with and (2) it has clearly been an iOS-first effort since the Android app is still pretty buggy. Thus far I can't set my profile photo or cover image using photos in my gallery and individual photos seem to load rather slowly. 

I don't know if we really need a true Twitter alternative should the app collapse. Maybe I'll just go back to more targeted status updates on Facebook once I've better curated my feed or something. A lot of folks are talking about Mastodon, but I'm not feeling particularly enamored by that platform either - at least not yet.