02BDD: This Sunday

Sunday Kori Kohi

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 981

As much as I'll always prefer playing tabletop games in person, we had a lot of fun with our online board game session last night. We played a total of 5 games last night - these being Azul (via Tabletop Simulator), Terraforming Mars (with the Prelude expansion using the Hellas map), Wingspan (one of the rare times we didn't have issues with online multiplayer), Lords of Waterdeep (Long Game with Undermountain), and Instanbul. What's kinda crazier is that I somehow managed to win 3 of the games, thus making it a pretty successful night for me. 

We got to sleep in a bit as we had nothing planned for the day, which was just as well given we had stayed up gaming the last two nights. When we did get up, it was for a surprise brunch invitation from my mom and that made for a lovely start to the day. We had initially planned to get our grocery shopping done after that, but the lack of parking at SM Aura was a clear indicator that it was not a good day to brave the mall.

The rest of our Sunday was spent at home just chilling (and me squeezing in a little ads work). We watched Disenchanted and Lightyear on Disney+ and then ordered out for dinner accompanied by another episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. I hope to get some more O Bar videos uploaded to YouTube while we continue to work through the first season of House of the Dragon just for the heck of it at this point.