02BD5: Back at the Sietch and Back Into Action

Saturday Flight Things

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 973

Today's travel from Singapore to Manila was largely uneventful - and I suppose we should be thankful.

We woke up on time as planned and were on our way to the airport before 09:00am. We didn't have issues getting a Grab and there was minimal traffic on our way to the airport. Once there, there was no queue at the GST counters and no queue at the manual check-in counter - something I'm forced to do since my passport name exceeds the 25-character limit for airline tickets these days. And of course, there were no issues at Singapore Immigration.

We considered jumping over to Jewel to kill time before our flight, but my lack of familiarity with the area meant I didn't quite know how to budget time, so we nixed that idea. We picked up a few souvenirs at Terminal 2 instead and even had time for a quick breakfast before getting on the plane. No issues at the final security check at the gate. We got on the plane in an ordering manner and our plane generally took off on time.

We had a generally nice flight with only a small bit of turbulence during meal service. Tobie and I had opted to watch Elvis together and had managed to finish the movie well before the plane went through landing procedures and even managed to watch a bit of an episode of Running Man. We didn't have to wait for a gate this time around and so we disembarked from the plane easily enough. And again, no issues with the Bureau of Quarantine or Immigration, despite the e-gates not being active today. We didn't bother getting a Grab and didn't spend too much on one of those yellow airport taxis to get home. 

So yeah, a great trip.

Getting home was funny in a different way as we had a lot of packages waiting for us and had to request for the maintenance team to reactivate our water supply. The Sietch wasn't too stuffy despite two weeks with the windows closed and within the hour we had gotten most of our stuff unpacked, the coffeemaker set up to resume fulfilling my caffeine needs, and dinner ordered via Grab Food. We squeezed in time to give ourselves haircuts and sorted through the stuff that arrived while we were out and I loaded the first of what will be many loads of laundry as we catch up with two weeks of being away.

After a good dinner and an episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, we'll be getting ready to head off to O Bar for tonight's birthday event for one of our favorite dancers. We're admittedly a little tired from the travel despite how smoothly things went. But hey, I know we'll manage things well enough.