02BD7: Fitness Restart

Monday Stir-Fry Squid

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 975

One of the most vacattion-ish things I did during the last two weeks was to not exercise. Sure, I got a LOT of steps while in Singapore from getting around to walking the dogs regularly. That was helpful, but it still wasn't like formal exercise whether yoga, bodyweight stuff, or even resistance band work. I just didn't want to think about it and I focused on happier things like staying in bed with Tobie a bit longer in the morning or just allocating my activity time to caring for my sister's pets. 

And while I still feel it was a good trade-off, it still meant me somewhat dreading getting back to my usual activities now that we're back in Manila. 12,000 steps a day is still more than feasible despite me staying in Sietch most of the time. Then this morning I at least got through a good morning yoga flow as a warm up for the rest of the week. I can feel that I'm still tight in different areas and I nearly pulled the muscles in my left foot during a mid-Vinyasa upward facing dog pose, so I definitely need to be careful. 

This week is going to call for a lot of patience since I'll want to rush back into more strenuos stuff but I know that I need to pace things well to avoid injuring myself. At the very least, I didn't gain weight while in Singapore despite not being 100% keto, particularly during the flights. So I don't exactly have to make up for extra gains during the trip.

Yoga really felt good this morning. I could feel that my body missed the effort, even if it was just a lighter flow today. I'll see how I can ease myself back into the more challenging holds and poses in the days and weeks to come.