02BE0: Kickstarter Auditing

Wednesday Lasagna

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 984

It has been a busy week for Kickstarter, so I thought it might be fun to go over all the different projects (all board game related) that I've committed to in different ways.

In-Progress Stuff

  • Zoo Tycoon [Target: September 2023] - This one is in its final hours and they've cleared all of their stretch goals (hooray giraffes!) I'm mainly getting this for the animal tokens, and I think it'll offer a unique experience versus our other big zoo game Ark Nova
  • Survival of the Fattest [Target: October 2023]- This one is about to close as well and it's a bit of a gamble since it's a new team behind this game. But they've also cleared all their stretch goals and it looks quite adorable, so I'm hopeful. Plus it's one of the cheaper projects I've supported.
  • Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Renovations [Target: November 2023] - This project ends December 1 and was rather annoying initially since they announced it just when our copy of the Collector's Edition box had arrived. As before, they keep revealing new stretch goals in the form of new tiles as the project progresses, but I guess we'll hit them all.
  • Tiny Epic Crimes [Target: September 2023] - I'm rather excited about this one since the system seems promising and we do love deductive games. We've skipped a few of their recent Tiny Epic releases due to a lack of interest, but this feels right up our alley. And again, it has a very competitive price point.
Close to Delivery
  • Namiji [Target: June 2020] - This project got badly hit by the pandemic and the increase in shipping costs. But it goes a while back and they messed up changing my delivery address from my sister's place in Singapore to here in Taguig. This may become a pain to haul home in my luggage should it arrive in time for our Christmas trip.
  • Forests of Pangaea [Target: March 2022] - They provided a pretty detailed delivery update this month and it looks like they'll start to ship out within Asia around the December holidays, so I guess we'll have our copy by the start of the new year.
  • Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game [Target: February 2022] - They've also shared an update this month that we can expect Asia delivery to start very soon, so maybe this one will be here before Christmas?
  • Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar [Target: October 2022] - I already received the heads-up from VFI for this one, so I expect that it'll arrive by the end of the month maybe? Kind of a surprise.  
  • Stellaris Infinite Legacy [Target: April 2022] - I really didn't expect this to go out "on time", but I'm still keeping tabs on it. They're now estimating production will be around April 2023, so I guess we'll get our copy a few months after.
  • Unfair Expansion - Comicbook, Hacker, Kaiju, Ocean [Target November 2022] - Production was finally locked in this month and they're estimating 3 months for that run followed by another 3-6 weeks to ship out to everyone. So we should have our copy by next year's summer season maybe.
  • Autobahn [Target: November 2022] - I'm not as nervous about this one anymore since our copies of Dice Hospital, Dice Theme Park, and Eternal Palace had all arrived together and in good order. They did confirm there was a problem with their China production, which has delayed completion to December, and then it'll be another month or so before VFI completes fulfillment. So this may become Valentine's Day game.
I won't talk about all the other projects that I've backed that are still on time or had only recently been funded. Already you can tell that I'm pretty liberal on the Kickstarter front while Tobie continues to scout around secondhand sales across different Facebook groups.