02BCC: Foreign Pet Care

Thursday Dougie

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 964

We're getting a lot of doggie time this trip and I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm not ignoring the fact that it's a lot of work to help to take care of these different animals, but it's not like I'm one to back away from decent housework. For the rest of the weekend, we're making sure that the dogs are fed twice a day and get walked at least twice a day as well. This is apart from feeding the office cats twice a day and checking on the rabbit as well.

Today I invested a bit more time in animal-related maintenance by clearing out the office litter box and changing the newspaper in the rabbit's cage. It's tricky work and I've resorted to keeping my mask on while working on these tasks to minimize my risks of a more serious asthma attack. This has generally helped manage my asthma despite all our furry family members, but that doesn't stop my eyes from watering or my arms getting itchy from run-of-the-mill allergies.

Tobie still gets a little nervous around the dogs, which is only natural given his past fears. But he's a lot better now and is able to join me during the dog walking sessions. It still gets pretty tense whenever we encounter other dogs nearby. I just automatically hunker down and prepare myself to hold back which of the two dogs I'm managing the leash of as both are going to start barking and eagerly attempt to jump forward and aggressively invite the other dog for an impromptu play romp. 

We still have to factor in doggie care into our weekend plans, so we'll see how that pans out. For now, we've booked tickets to go through Avatar: The Experience over at Gardens by the Bay on Sunday. Saturday is still up in the air, but we could end up doing anything like maybe going to Universal Studios Singapore for the heck of it or maybe visiting one or more of the zoos like we did before. 

But first, one more workday to get through.