02BD4: The Last Friday

Friday Convenience Store Fare

 Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 972

And thus we come to the end of our Singapore trip. We've already processed the last of the "paperwork" that we'll need for tomorrow and all that's left is to pack one other suitcase and get some sleep. 

Beyond a full workday, we spent some of our last hours in Singapore at my sister's place. I just wanted to catch my nephews before they had to go to bed and it was great. It was also a little stressful because it's easy to imagine a million ways two young boys can hurt themselves while playing, but it was still a lot of fun. Both of them were really wired tonight and we got into some pretty crazy playtime. 

To be fair, a lot of it felt like the boys were using me as a plaything (or an obstacle course) versus actually playing with me, but I have no complaints. They're still young and it'll take a few more years before the nature of our playtime will shift beyond horsing around. But it's nice to be there for them and to see how they each interact in such different ways. I'm probably never going to have kids, but experiences like this go a long way toward making me a very happy man.

I know I shouldn't feel so bummed since the family will reunite over the December holidays. But it can't be helped - travel of this nature will always feel bittersweet in the end.

We persevere. There will always be future trips.