02BCF: A Full Tourist Sunday

Sunday Post Card Photo

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 967

We had a really productive day! And it's certainly the sort of day that helps make the whole trip feel somehow more worthwhile. Or at the very least, it helps make this trip feel a bit more like a vacation and not just us living (and working) in another country. And it's just as well as this is our only weekend in Singapore - we'll be flying back by Saturday afternoon.

We didn't sleep too late and managed to get up in time to manage the cats, check on the rabbit, and walk the dogs all before noon. And I really wanted to budget more time for today's activities since we wanted to just stick to public transport instead of taking Grabs everywhere. And getting to the likes of Gardens by the Bay is definitely beyond my comfortable walking range, what more Tobie's.

The Avatar Experience at Gardens by the Bay was pretty fun. We knew it was mainly going to be static displays, and that was true. There were additional statues depicting different animals from the movie along with various plans as well. The staff at the Cloud Forest had even been briefed to give interesting factoids about all this fictional flora and fauna added to the attraction. And we made sure to cover the entire Cloud Forest area including all the elevated walkways which made me a little nervous at some points. And it was good that we did it since there were more than just the statues but also various AR activities and other interactive elements along with a pretty good animatronic of a banshee. 

From the Gardens, we then walked over to Suntect city for our other scheduled activity - the DUCKtour! This consists of a Vietnam War-era amphibious vehicle turned into a tour bus. It first took us around the Marina Reservoir, which resulted in me getting some of my best photos of videos of various Singaporean landmarks EVER. And then it returned to land and toured us around the Civic District, which features a number of notable structures. They aren't all things we haven't seen before, even if just in passing. But it's still nice to have someone share some trivia about the locations and other interesting facts.

I kind of wish that we had time for the bus tour as well. Maybe another time.

We had to get back home for more doggie time and then we decided to go bonkers and finally watch RRR after putting  it off for so long. And man that is some movie.