02BD1: Reconnected

Tuesday Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 969

My phone's back! The screen replacement was successful and everything seems in order, so that's good. The funniest bit was the flood of 2-factor SMSes that came in as soon as I had unlocked the phone and allowed it to properly load, which acted as a reminder of my panicked efforts to regain access to my accounts yesterday.  

I survived a full workday in another country without my phone, which was especially weird since I even had to meet up with a vendor while here. I made sure not to close my browsers last night in order to make starting my day easier since we wouldn't be getting my phone until the end of the work day. I managed to handle most of my other communications via desktop - I'm super thankful that WhatsApp's desktop no longer requires your phone's instance of WhatsApp to remain active in order to work. And I managed to shuffle around any tasks that would have required more 2-factor authentication gates since I didn't want to bother Tobie to keep borrowing his phone to load my SIM to receive a few codes.

What's weirder to me is that Monday was a full 24 hours where I didn't add any new photos to my library. I already regularly document what we eat when we're at home - what more when we're in another country, right? My Fitbit kept flashing the icon that it wasn't connected to my phone, so my data wasn't syncing. And things like Elevate are strictly mobile-based, so I had to rely on less-than-ideal methods to recover my streak.

I did discover interesting things like Duolingo has a browser version that works pretty well and helps to preserve your streak when you don't have access to your phone. And the day was filled with a number of other small discoveries of little back-ups for things that I'd trust my phone to do. 

Some of my work things like calendar and task reminders were mainly tied to my phone and my Fitbit, so that's a new gap in my workflow. And the efforts to improve will continue past this little (but expensive) phone hiccup. And maybe maintaining a backup phone isn't a bad idea.