02BD6: Good Tiring Sunday

Jonbel Sunday

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 974    

A friend had pointed out that our recent trip to Singapore had been bookended by O Bar nights, which is funnily true. The day before we flew to Singapore we had attended the rather massive O Bar Halloween Liberation Party but still managed to get to the airport without incident (everything else after had nothing to do with us having been drinking the night before). And then a few hours after we had arrived home yesterday, we were making our way to O Bar for another big event. 

But that's our life. O Bar plays a very important role in our lives and we do our best to support their different events as best as we can. We still don't quite catch every single event that they stage since the schedules don't always work, but we do tend to move mountains when needed in order to try to accommodate things. We don't have the constitution to go to O Bar weekly or even more than once in a single week, but admittedly we do feel the urge to go and every 2 weeks has become our sweet spot so far.

Last night's event was pretty great. The show itself was killer but part of me wished we had more familiar faces with us at the table. We had a good core group of friends with us at least, but yeah times like this you kinda want a lot more familiar faces around. At least we got to meet some online friends in person for the first time, so that made for some fun interactions for the night - and a lot of very tight hugs. No matter how much you chat with someone online, being able to actually hug them in person makes a world of difference. 

The other thing that stood out from last night was that we had stayed long enough for some floor space to clear for Tobie and me to dance. I don't claim to be the sort of person who could put on a dance performance or anything, and that has never been the goal. But I do enjoy dancing for myself and I may look a little silly when I do, but I don't care because I move in a manner that feels good to me. And it's even better when Tobie dances with me and we just egg each other on to keep going. 

The consequence of this crazy behavior by two men in their 40s is that we have been aching all over all day. We tried to sleep in to push our recovery as best as possible but one can't shake this sort of thing off as quickly as we used to in our younger years. No real regrets - if given a chance, I'll also start dancing if the music at O Bar is really working for me. But then it somewhat dampens my abilities the next day.

It's a good thing today was pretty light. We eventually left the Sietch for errands at SM Aura. I needed to get my glasses adjusted and we had to do a grocery run since we had made sure to work through most of our consumables before leaving for Singapore (including giving away the last of our perishables to the guards at the front desk). Once that had been settled, we just had our online Pendragon RPG session to look forward to and then that was it.

It would have been great to schedule a home service massage, but most of our regular therapists are only free mid-week on what are actually their rest days from the spas they now work at. A massage would have been perfect for all these aches and pains, but I guess that will have to wait for a bit longer.