029B0: Staying In More Than Going Out

#TAGbites: The Warren

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 420

Today we had a one-shot RPG session for The Warren, a game where we all play literal rabbits in a story that could go as grim as Watership Down as the mortality rate of rabbits in the wild is pretty high. As much as I love our ongoing campaigns, it's also refreshing to explore new systems here and there and try new things. And playing rabbits in the park is certainly something unique to try. 

I also got some errands done today - mainly handling some resupply needs for my parents and visiting them. Thankfully we all live in BGC, so visiting isn't too complicated. Plus we declared me as a resident of their condo as well, just to avoid unnecessary questions for their security team. and while it would have been more prudent to visit tomorrow given Mother's Day, I do have my existing schedules, and shifting my resupply run to tomorrow would have made me feel...uncomfortable. We'll still make tomorrow work, of course. We'll just have to be creative about it.

It's weird to limit my visits to just once a month (for the most part), but there's a very real concern about safety. With all the more infectious COVID-19 variants out there, I find myself increasingly paranoid about leaving the Sietch. I gear up with a double mask and a face shield and yet I'll still run into people walking around BGC with their shields off and their masks riding below their noses. It makes you want to scream sometimes. Tobie and I are super careful whenever we have to go out and it almost feels insulting to see people seemingly not caring.

To make things even funnier, my current audiobook is Birdbox, which makes for rather odd audio fare while walking around BGC. Here I am listening to this dystopian world where people are terrified of seeing whatever it is that's making people crazy and violent while others have embraced the madness and argue there's no need to cover one's eyes. It feels a lot like some of the debates about the continued use of face masks, especially with our very slow rate of vaccination. 

Why are we subjecting ourselves to so much worry and caution when others either don't care or continue to embrace ideas not supported by medical science like demanding Ivermetcin over vaccines. Are we already living in that dystopia filled with crazy people?