029AF: Brain Fog

Two Bowls of Cabbage Mix

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 419

It's finally the weekend and my brain feels all foggy. One factor is that I didn't get as much sleep as I should have last night. Another is that it has been quite a busy week at work (again) and I guess this is sort of that brain drain feeling. but it's also like the worst time to feel this way give of course I'd want to invest time in playing games with Tobie or otherwise having fun. 

But if my brain is telling me to get some rest, that's probably valid. But then I don't want to "give up" part of the weekend in this manner because I'm quite the stubborn geek. 

In pre-pandemic times, staying up wouldn't even be a question. We'd be mapping out plans to head out to O Bar or would have already started an overnight board game night by now. Instead, my body has been enjoying the more regular sleeping cycle and is always eager to jump right back into bed once it gets close to midnight. So annoying.

So let's be stubborn together and make the most of yet another weekend indoors.