029AB: Discomfort

Two Bowls of Chicken and Cabbage

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 415

Tonight's Baduy Pride episode was a little tricky to film since (1) we had taken a break after Karen's death and (2) we had deliberately decided to feature a game we strongly associate with her. But we figured this was a good course of action since there's no way to get past grief by simply trying to ignore it. And we do love this game, and we love that Karen not only introduced it to us but also helped us get copies of our own. So this and a few other episodes will celebrate her contributions because there's so much of her life worth celebrating. And celebration has always been a core part of the show's identity. 

The workweek is starting out as busy as ever, but that's just the way things are at the moment. We have proposals we're still working through along with new clients formally starting their projects, and the existing day-to-day stuff that still needs to get done. We have some lighter activities on the horizon though to help balance things out, so that should help. I'm even trying to figure out a game night schedule for the team for some after-hours bonding.

Now I want to get more reading done to play some games.