029C7: Could Have Done More

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 442

Friday we had a good Houses of the Blooded RPG session online. Saturday the team finally came back together in our ongoing Night's Black Agents campaign. Sunday the knights got hyped up for a big battle in our Pendragon RPG game but the end result was certainly quite a twist. Tobie and I at least played one of our Unlock tabletop escape room adventures on Saturday night and I also got to demo Darq for him, but that was about it. We had a lot of quality time together, but we didn't get to play a lot of games outside our online RPG sessions.

Tobie had a separate online RPG session on Saturday morning so he ended up doing the grocery this morning. I skipped baking a new batch of keto pandesal this week since I'm prioritizing finishing the last of the keto tortillas my sister sent over last year since they're too close to their best before date. Not baking felt weird, but I have too many sources of (still keto-friendly) carbs, so I want to keep things under control for this week.

I haven't really finished a lot of books this weekend apart from a quick audiobook version of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I'm reading some interesting things for sure, but this weekend has involved a lot more resting and relaxing and general non-productivity. But it's the end of the month tomorrow, so we'll see how many more book titles I can squeeze in to pad my May book count. 

Man, June is really just around the corner. Time still flies even in quarantine.