029C1: Compressed Monday

Fried Eggs

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 436

The day started well enough. I seem to have shaken off the worst side-effects of my vaccination and If elt well enough to do some yoga again. I'm not 100% though, that much I could feel. Some aspects of the yoga flow felt harder than usual, so I'm not quite fully recovered. But don't get me wrong - I'm largely thankful that things went pretty well. I've read of other people's experiences with the different vaccines and I know I got the easier path.

Work as busy, which is expected on a Monday, especially for a shorter workweek. The Vesak Day holiday on Wednesday means the same amount of work compressed into a shorter amount of time. And with a lot of folks needing to go on leave here and there this week, we actually had to hold a meeting to map out contingencies for things.

For tonight's Baduy Pride episode, we talked about Chope! The Card Game, which is a game I picked up in Singapore. It's a cute little thing and a nice addition to our collection. But talking about it just made me miss Singapore a little more tonight. Obviously, I haven't been back there in over a year and I really miss seeing my sister and her family over there. Daily social media updates and frequency video calls help but aren't quite enough to make up for not physically being there. 

I know I just need to be patient for now. At least I'm finally on the road to getting vaccinated. That might help re-open the door to international travel once again being an option.