029C5: Friday Frenzy

Wombok Surprise

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 440

Two days away from work meant today was extra busy. Lots of meetings. Lots of tasks that needed attention. End of month ads. All that fun stuff. But I also had a lunch & learn session to host and a game night that I had also planned ahead of time. Maybe the end of the month is not a good time for a game night, but at least we still had fun. 

It was also the sort of day where our eating schedule was a little out the window. It was a small miracle that I was able to squeeze time to cook brunch for us in-between calls, but I did keep my camera off during a client call in order to avoid showing everyone that I was having a bowl of cabbage at the same time. You know, the usual fun stuff. Things like that totally erase any limited relief from taking time away from work - even if that time was more for government errands.

Hello weekend. Hello hello indeed.