029B4: Pre-Holiday Blitz

Roast Chicken Quarters and Veggies

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 424

Mid-week holidays are always weird - but not as bad as split rest days for some reason. They do tend to have the nasty side-effect of the work of the week getting compressed in the remaining days before and after the holiday, which can make for somewhat stressful times. But we got a lot done today, and I'm grateful for that. It was certainly a rewarding, productive day.

Tobie and I have been mapping out possible errands of a sort for tomorrow. He has purchased a new shelf to help with our board game storage issues. I have some ideas for optimizing existing shelves and moving things around to create more space. And maybe we'll dedicate some time to working on those tasks tomorrow. However, it's just as likely that we'll try to wake up late and not get much done at all. Such are the challenges of mid-week holidays.

We still want to dedicate some time to playing board games, after all. Even without factoring in all the Kickstarter-facilitated games, we're committed to, we have a number of new games that Tobie had secured via the secondary market or other stuff that had come in from my US-based shipping options.

There is just never enough time for everything. Perhaps we'll "catch up" come the weekend. 

Or not.