029AC: The Unicron in the Room

Unicron on the Couch

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 416

So my War for Cybertron Unicron arrived today. I thought I'd have more time to prepare for the chaos bringer's coming, but here we are. This thing is HUGE, and right now occupies half of our quaint little couch. I knew this was a ridiculous, indulgent purchase for a collector like me. But the cost was just one part of the problem - the (bigger?) part of the challenge is figuring out where to situate this figure that is over 27" tall in robot mode and 30" in diameter in planet mode.

It's a crazy, silly, indulgent, geeky problem to have. But hey, this is the life I've chosen and I'm just lucky that Tobie remains super supportive of me and my collecting. 

But there's certainly room (haha, pun!) to optimize how things are stored at the Sietch in order to make more space for the continuing growth of our physical geekery. The "real" solution is for us to eventually move to a bigger place, but admittedly I wonder if it's still practical to move to another condo or find an actually (free-standing) house. That way we have way more space for the things that we love AND Tobie can plant his trees in actual earth and not in different plastic containers around the unit.

And I have even more Transformers and Star Trek ship models incoming. I need to invest some time to work on our storage arrangements.