0207B: Office Move-In

So tomorrow is the first day of our office lease and I'm pretty excited to start getting things properly setup in the space and ensuring that we create a particular experience for the place. After all, Monday is going to be the big first day and we want to set the right impression with the new members of the team. As much as we're not exactly your typical corporate setup, we don't want them to feel like they've joined some completely unprofessional fly-by-night sort of deal.

This also gives me maybe the next three days to get used to life in Bonifacio Global City before the regular work week starts and I really won't have much of a choice of how things will go beyond that. And while I've made a number of trips to the area for meetings and of course going to Fully Booked over at High Street, I can't really say that I've spent much time there. And while it's a rather nice-looking place that seems cleaner and a bit more organized versus other areas in Metro Manila, it's still a bit of a pain to get to on your average day.

It's just as well that I pretty much take Uber everywhere - a cab or an Uber remains to be the most effective ways to get to BGC apart from driving a vehicle of your own. I'll still hitch with Tobie in the morning to at least get to Makati and from there I can catch an Uber more easily as compared to trying to get one from here in Cubao during the ever infamous rush hour.

Tomorrow I only plan to go there on my own, get some initial setup work done and probably take a few meetings there. And while the longer term plan is to have Yoshi there with us, I think I'll save Yoshi's explorations of the office for Thursday or Friday.  Exciting!