0208C: A Friday Night Alone

So its down to me and Yoshi here at the office as we wait for traffic to be a little less insane. But it's both a Friday the start of a pay day weekend, so we kind of figure that things will be bad no matter what we do. It has been a long and productive week though and I feel good.

Tobie has a company outing tonight, so that kills any possible Friday night out plans. We didn't schedule any games for tomorrow so we might be able to go out provided Tobie isn't too tired from his trip. Something to think about.

The transition to full day shift has sort of limited when we can go to O Bar. Since my work day starts pretty early given my efforts to get past rush hour traffic, the chances of a mid-week O Bar run are rather limited since it would be next to impossible to wake up in time for my commute the next day. And while riding an Uber to work every day is rater convenient, it's not always easy to catch one during the peak hours. Thus is still pays off to leave around 07:00am every day rather than going closer to my 10:00am start time. I think the closest I can cut it is leaving Cubao by 08:00am - that lands me in the office at 09:30am, which is still a little too tight for comfort.

At least my body is adjusting to things better. The first week left me feeling pretty exhausted pretty much every single day. Now I feel like I have enough energy to get a few chores done before bed or even read more than before. I'll get used to everything in time.

Tobie should be back tomorrow afternoon. I guess I'll just keep myself busy until then.