02081: First Day Again

As expected, the first day of the new office was pretty busy. We have a lot of kinks to work out as computers were still in need of being setup, employees briefed and all that fun stuff. My orientation segment consisted of a fair amount of talking on my part with that presentation deck that I had agonized over during the weekend.

But despite how tired I feel, I know it's a good kind of tired since after months of work, things were finally coming together in a more tangible way. Here we had an actual office to celebrate and a brand new team that seemed quite ready to hit the ground running and see things through. Just observing the early interactions within the team and with their remote counterparts in Singapore was quite nice. I know everyone is going to go far.

But now I'm beat and I really wish I could get a massage or something, but of course this is unlikely given the time. The only challenge of day shift work is the fact that your travel time feels a lot longer and I know I'll need to wake up pretty early just to beat the morning rush and not feel all flustered at the start of the work day. It take a lot more effort, but the end result should be good and it will be all worth it in the long run.

Good night world. Catch up with you later.