02077: Adverse Weather Conditions

Between Typhoon Egay (Linfa) and Typhoon Falcon (Chan-Hom), this week, it's been a pretty dreary, rainy week. Classes have been repeatedly suspended throughout the week and even government offices have closed a little early here and there. But life goes on and so does the working world in general.

My only lucky break is the fact that I'm still mostly in a work-at-home mode this week, so I've escaped the worst of the weather thus far. I still had a few meetings all the way in BGC though, and so I still had my time in the rain as well. It's never fun, but what else you can do? Work is work is work and it's not like we can get everything done from the confines of our home. That would be great in theory, but you have to admit just staying home all the time can get pretty boring eventually.

So, it's raining. I guess that's the point of this blog post? Does this post have a point? Or maybe just the process of writing about a topic in a very general, light fashion just helps me put my mind at ease? Or maybe I just need to get past the work stress and really open myself towards the prospects of the weekend.

Although there's still a fair amount of work that I still need to get done. Oy vei.

But yeah. It's still raining. The weekend is pretty much here. Try not to stress about work too much. Have fun.