0207E: Holiday Rearrangements

So I'm rather enjoying the weird dichotomy between preparing the unit to become a creative enclave as an office but to also to keep things feel like a second home whether for the employees or more importantly for visiting members of the Singapore team who may need to bunk over. We've been going through different layout ideas for how we want things to look like in the end and I think that we have a general plan for how things will move forward. But at the same time, you have to concede that no plan survives contact with the enemy and some of those plans may not survive when we see what furniture options are out there.

The above photo represents the unit upon turnover and how it is setup to be a rather interesting domestic space. By next week it will be a completely different animal and the end results should be most interesting indeed.

But beyond all those little details, I'm feeling really excited. There's still so much work to do and all the little headaches that come with moving into a new space and all that crap, but the overall feeling is still very positive. I feel genuinely excited about what might come next and I am doing my best not to get ahead of myself and not forget any of the key details or anything like that. Rushing will help no one in the end and so we'll just have to keep on the current course and see things through.

Next week is going to be awesome.