0207D: Yoshi's First Day

One of the greatest perks of this new job is the fact that we did our very best to make the office a pet-friendly office. And while this rather creative solution will probably only see us through our first year or so, for now I'm going to make the most of it. And this means bringing Yoshi with me to the office as much as I am able to in order to have a constant canine companion.

As expected, Yoshi was pretty excited to be in a new environment. Without a doubt he rules the Sietch with a fluffy paw and a hint of a wink, but this was a completely new space to explore. And Yoshi was quick to discern that there had been other dogs in the same space some time in the past. Thus our initial exploration of the office together was also an elaborate dance involving Yoshi looking for places of interest smell-wise with me running after him with a pee mat and my cleaning tools.

To be fair to Yoshi, most of the office passed his inspection without much incident. He does have it in for the dining table for some reason - and unfortunately it's the side of the table that faces the front door. More than any other spot in the office, it's here that Yoshi as repeatedly returned to pee and it hasn't always been on the mat. I wonder if I can wipe that area down with bleach to somehow reduce the scent markers left there. It's either than or simply turn the table around so that the offending area is a bit more out of view.

We didn't quite have time to actually walk around BGC together. I spent most of the day busy with errands and gathering other items needed for the office. Things are far from fully complete, but at least we're doing better in the general supplies department. In terms of my personal priorities for the day, I'm just glad that I'm able to brew coffee now. That's a big step in the right direction.

It's a holiday tomorrow, but I'll be back at the office to continue to ensure things are setup correctly. Fun times. And it may not necessarily sound like it, but I'm really excited about all this. It's certainly the start of something big.