0207F: PowerPoint Saturday

So I spent most of my Saturday working on the new hire training deck for next week. It has been a while since I've worked on full deck for something and my last big output wasn't even for work - it was for a gaming seminar. So my last work-related deck was really quite a while back.

And I was really challenged to do well with this deck since the kind of culture that we're training to create for this office isn't your typical corporate-style world. The company thrives on creativity and fostering innovation and I wanted to make a deck that still reflected that. But admittedly most of my decks have been more efficient than anything else and I know part of my aesthetic still reflects my more corporate background.

So I tried to think a bit more outside the box this time around and tried to break my own conventions related to how slides are structured and things of that nature. It's still a deck that reflects me as an individual but I'd like to think that it's still different as well. And that sense of different is the new norm that I hope to get used to and I think that I'll come up with better things over time.

Very exciting indeed.

I'm just glad that I actually have a copy of PowerPoint and not some other presentation software. Despite my love for Google, their Slides product is still more on the side of cute rather than helpful. The same goes for other things like OpenOffice and whatever else is there - you can never quite match what Microsoft has managed to accomplish here.

But it's still the weekend. For the most part I got to sleep in a little and spent time on chores like washing the rags, vacuuming and mopping the Sietch and even giving Yoshi a bath. Hooray for being productive!