0207C: Nesting Behavior

So we got the keys to the unit that is to become our office and I spent most of the day just getting settled in. There's a fair amount of preparation work that needs to go into all this and we only really have a few days to get everything ready for the big first day on Monday. Thankfully the unit owner has been rather flexible and we're juggling furniture in and out of the place with even more stuff on the purchasing list. I'm also starting to explore the area to see what there is to see and consider what my day-to-day life is going to be like.

Settling into a space, even an office space, tends to trigger certain nesting instincts honed over years of living independently or even just reflecting how your family has always run the household. Thus I found myself purchasing a fair number of cleaning products and deodorizers even though things generally smelled...neutral. But it's all part of the process and I'm sure I'll need to make a few more runs to various stores before I'll feel fully satisfied that this space is ready. And we'll go through and entirely different routine once my sister arrives and she adds in her own nesting requirements to mine. We have a lot of overlap, but we also have our respective quirks after all.

What I'm most excited about is having Yoshi with me at the office, and so a lot of my preparation-related thinking has revolved around making sure that Yoshi will be okay. I got him new dog bowls so he can be proud little office dog and I even got him some disposable pee pads so I can't be hassled to try to wash rags while there. I'm still throwing stuff into a go-bag for him including treats and poop bags and all that fun stuff. Beyond how much I'm looking forward to having Yoshi with us in the office, I'm also hoping to schedule time to take him out on walks around the area.

My heart is still in Cubao, but admittedly BGC is growing on me. It seems to be a rather nice community and I think can see a possible future where Tobie and I actually move there and see how things go. But hey, it's far to early to tell. First, I need to get this office off the ground.