02082: I Forgot It Was Only Tuesday

Today was the second day of the new office, but mid-way I thought it was already Wednesday. I guess that just reflects how busy it has been as we get everyone up to speed and new tasks are starting to go out as more and more work needs to get done. The team is doing pretty well and I remain quite optimistic as to how things are going so far - things can only get better, right?

But no matter how tired I feel, I know a lot of it draws from being excited about pretty much anything. There's a lot that still needs to get done and we've been juggling all these little tasks, new hire training, and of course the regular day-to-day work to get things done. And we can't forget the little dog running around the place soliciting attention from everyone at the office.

Having Yoshi at the office is definitely one of the best things about our quirky office environment. I find that both of us feel better after a mid-day walk around the area in order to de-stress and such. Just today I had to withdraw money and we brought Yoshi with us to make the quick trek down to the ATM. He's clearly enjoying all the walks and the new environment. And I'm really happy for him - he's been mostly a house dog for so long, so he's definitely long overdue for more gallivanting and potentially more socializing with other dogs.

But what I could really use is a massage. Excitement doesn't help you feel any less weary, sadly enough.