02085: Yoshi's New Diet

So despite feeling a little under the weather, I still went to work. There were a lot of good reasons to go and I didn't quite want to leave the team alone at the end of their first week with the company. Plus Yoshi was due to try raw feeding thanks to my sister, and so that was something to look forward to as well, After she had stayed up late to prepare the meals for him, it was hard not to show up with our resident Office Dog in tow.

So Yoshi went crazy for his raw feed mix composed of chicken and vegetables and some fruit that my sister and selected. He's eating about 100 grams a day divided into two meals so far, and we'll monitor how things go. At first he was a little hesitant and was taking his time to chew things during his breakfast meal. But by dinner we was just wolfing everything down and not paying attention to me at all. But I can't blame him - he has always enjoyed softer dog food versus kibble and this meal must be quite the flavor explosion for him.

I'm pretty hopeful about this - I really hope that he adjusts to this in prompt order and embraces it. I also hope it leads to better skin health for him and perhaps even a true cure to his insistent scratching, which more and more I suspect is related to the rice and grain content in his kibble.

And we'll do anything to ensure our pets are happy and healthy.