0208A: Office Spotify DJ

So because of the Geeky Guide, I've gathered an odd collection of various headsets and speakers provided for review purposes. It lasted for a good period of time, but I think they've moved on to other marketing efforts by now. Still, they're fun little gadgets to have, even if I'm not super into music. I also changed my Globe mobile plan recently given my higher usage and that included me getting another of their weird Spotify Premium offers - this time I have it "free" for 3 months.

So the combination of extra Bluetooth speakers combined with Spotify Premium has resulted in me playing around with various Spotify mood-centric playlists as background music here at the office. And since the speakers can be repositioned in any number of ways, it does provide for a lot of customization options as we all laugh at some of the weird selections that come along.

Of course sound quality becomes a little dependent on my computer's ability to process things and I admit that things slow down even with Spotify given all the web apps that I juggle for work. But it's worth a shot and for the most part we're able to maintain the music playing throughout the work day. It certainly beats dead silence beyond the occasional mouse click or keyboard toggle.

And at Yoshi doesn't seem to mind all that much.