02070: Any Port In A Storm

When we named our condo as Sietch Creare, the thinking behind it was that this was meant to be a haven for creativity. And while Tobie and I have had our share of interesting creative ventures since we got together, the safety part of the Sietch's name seems to be the part that we get to put into practice a lot more.

At times the Sietch ends up feeling like a way station for various friends in need. We've had more than our fair share of people needing to crash for a night, a week, or even a month or so. The decision to let someone into our home is never an easy one - and I have my share of weird experiences in this department before we started our life at the Sietch. But then I don't think we've had a friend over that we've regretted too much. If anything, we've learned a lot through the different transients and visitors who have called the Sietch home for at least a night or maybe thirty.

I'd like to think everyone who has passed through the Sietch has come out all the better for the experience. Beyond physical shelter and maybe a good meal, Tobie and I have always done our part to help the guest process what they're going to and maybe even figure out possible solutions. At the end of the day it's up to the individual to find a path forward and we do what we can to show support.

And then the guest leaves and the Sietch is just for me and Tobie again - as it should be, of course. But sooner or later we're bound to have someone knocking on our door, hoping for a temporary respite for whatever they're dealing with. And what we have to offer is a decently comfy couch, a good meal or two, and a lot of board games.


  1. Our creative haven is a sanctuary in so many ways, and a shelter in even many more. :-*


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