02079: Ready for the Pivot

It had been a pretty busy gaming weekend and that's always a good thing. This weekend also represents a turning point in our mutual schedules as Tobie moves to an earlier schedule as well. This was something he had negotiated at work in order to better align with my own daytime schedule since our new office is going live soon as well. Then my gradual transition from 12 years of night shift work will finally come to an end.

There's still so much to do but that's life for you. For now we're just making the most of the weekend as steel ourselves for the new routine. I've been trying to map out how chores will get done during the week since no one will be home during the day and all those complications. But I know we'll make things work. We always do.

On a side note, mobile blogging is still such a pain. Maybe I should consider a tablet versus just using my smartphone. Or whatever.