02084: Crazy News Week

I don't expect much from the local news scene, since we have quite the history for reporting crazy stuff. But the most recent turn of events for various articles certainly has me wondering what the heck is going on.

First, the speculations related to whether or not Grace Poe will run for president are all over the place. We've had all these meetings with the President that get reported as if they were majorly secret affairs that could alter the fate of the universe. We have everyone else confirming that it is inevitable that she's going on run no matter how much Poe herself denies having come to a decision. Seriously, as much as some people are starting to look at Poe as some noble candidate given her lining up for and riding the MRT and things of that nature, this media farce feels like politics as usual. In that regard, I doubt she'll be all that different from any other candidate that has run for the office before.

There's a lot of drama going on with Iglesia ni Christo, with a lot of social media commentary throwing around heavy words like "schism" for some silly reason. I mean sure, there's definitely some sort of an internal struggle that has resulted in family members of the current leader to get expelled from the Church. They've gone to social media (really YouTube) to plead their case and claim that they fear for their life. And various sites claim that several ministers have been kidnapped, although one was arrested by police for brandishing a grenade for some reason.

Vice-President Binay has filed lawsuits against the Inquirers and the political leaders who were part of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigation into graft and corruption allegations related to his family and of course himself. Given the speed of Philippine justice, I doubt this case will be resolved before the 2016 elections, but then that's not really the point. He just wants to show his constituents that he's tough enough to fight back and filing the cases alone may be enough to make him more of a hero - or worse, an underdog of some sort. And the average Filipino really loves an underdog story.

And this is all real. I've seen soap operas less complicated.