0186B: MS Office Withdrawal

So it's already past 02:00pm as I begin to draft this post and I know I need to head to bed soon. Despite the conference call conducted this morning to go over the changes needed for my work-related stuff, I know it would be most prudent to come in a little earlier in order to catch any last-minute changes needed to said work thing.

The new laptop has thus far proven to be great for games and movies. However, I have yet to get a copy of MS Office properly installed on this thing since our last copy of an older MS Office Home Edition is already out of possible installs. I could either license a copy of the latest MS Office through the internet or I could get a copy at a local computer store. Either way, I concede that I still need MS Office since my efforts to rely solely on Google Drive and even OpenOffice haven proven to be failures.

Sadly, a lot of these MS Office alternatives can only really emulate the most basic features of the application. As much as I'd love to support something that wasn't developed by Microsoft, one has to concede that MS Office has either innovated or acquired quite a number of great features that are convenient to have in a single package. And since more offices still go the MS Office route, indirectly so should you, even for a home computer.

In order to get things addressed in terms of work, I ended up working off of Tobie's laptop through the wonders of LAN-synced DropBox as a sharing solution. And while it would have been simpler to just share a folder within the network, I can't seem to get Tobie's Vista laptop and my Windows 8 laptop communicating on the same home group. Go figure - what Microsoft gives with one hand, it can readily take away with the other.

And now I need to sleep and get ready to re-download all my work done over the weekend to my office computer since I can't legally install the DropBox desktop agent without the proper administrator rights enabled on my computer. We make do as best we can with the tools that are given to us, I suppose.