0187E: Day of Rest

Can you spot Yoshi in this photo?
It goes without saying that this has been a pretty crazy week. The big work deadline finally came to a head today and despite some rather significant changes too close to the finish line for comfort, I still got that bad boy safely home.I know this will be an unfair comparison, but I practically gave birth to that thing. It's naturally not the same as the pain of childbirth, but there was still a lot of pain.

But now I feel much better. I've had a Jamaican patty. I've had a bowl of Cheerios. I bought those awesome new Transformers in the photo above that are (1) part of a particularly interesting wave and (2) the missing robots from my full sequence of Transformers Generations figures since for some reason Hasbro had this wave skip Asia due to limited stocks generated during the initial production run. I suspect they had to allocate more assembly lines to the movie toys or something.

We have a game night scheduled for later, but tomorrow is still wide open in terms of scheduling. Sunday can sort of be considered to as my alternate birthday celebration day, once I figure out what we might want to do. Worst case, we'll probably just stay home and play more Diablo III: Reaper of Souls or something until it's time to go to O Bar. Of course there's Ludo since Tobie really wants to teach me how to play Manhattan Projects and also enjoy a few of those Ludo milkshakes that he's been drooling over because of their Facebook updates.

Life is good.