01870: Relieving Stress Through Games

The week thus far has been a rather crazy one and both Tobie and I have been looking forward to gaming this weekend. It's our main stress reliever and we do our best to try and meet up with different gaming groups to sort of diversify the gaming experience. On Saturdays we tend to play here at the Sietch. On Sundays we meet up at a friend's house instead.

Tonight's game night is going to be a little short since our gamers have an early day tomorrow. And despite how less than ideal this is for the gaming experience, I know they're pretty stressed to, so we all need this. Plus it has been a few months since we've all gamed together. This post will be a quick one so I can get back to the game right away.

Tomorrow is going to be a much longer game session, and I expect that we might actually have time to watch the religious anti-RPG movie Dark Dungeons together. To make up for the brevity of tonight's game, we hope to get an earlier start to tomorrow. Famous last words I suppose, hehe.

I hope you all find different ways of relieving stress this weekend. I think we've all earned that much, right?


  1. Waiting to hear your review/recap of Dark Dungeons hahaha.

    I wish my friends and I met up more often for game nights. You guys are awesome for organizing and really making an effort to meet up with different groups of friends :)

    1. When we finally got to watch it, I'll be sure to post something, hehe.

      Game nights are fun! They're the most sociable thing that we do every week. =D


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