01878: Early Birthday Stuff

A rather early birthday greeting on Facebook has resulted in a weird time-shifting of subsequent birthday related activity, amusingly enough. Yesterday a friend showed up a week early for his scheduled game night with a cake in tow. Lots of other friends of already greeted me on social media. A few have panicked thinking that they have already missed my birthday due to a lack of social media notifications or something. And mind you, I'm the sort of guy who keeps his birthday public since I don't see the big deal about it.

How should one feel with the birthday greetings come this early? When should one celebrate a birthday when it falls on a week day, so most folks aren't available to join you? Plus there's the fact that I work at night, so my schedule is even weirder and a mid-week evening celebration is out of the question. So I guess in my trying to figure out when to celebrate, the decision was sort of taken away from me. And I can't really complain - it's a good thing that people are taking the time to make my birthday feel that much more special.

And the fun is just beginning.