01872: Random Monday Musings

Another weekend has drawn to a close and the work week looms ahead. As is the case with every weekend, it was both tiring and energizing. Our different gaming activities consistently go a long way towards helping me find my center and find the strength to face another five days of work. And given how busy everything has been as of late, I could use every possible energy boost available. Even now I'm already starting to feel the tendrils of stress creep back into my brain just considering all that needs to get done this week.

I got a fair amount of advanced blogging done today, as much as this may or may not matter. My blogging continues to be a seemingly thankless writing effort on my part that I don't exactly get paid for apart from the odd AdSense payout every few months. It's hardly enough to even cover my domain name costs over the years, but I don't overly mind. It's really more a work of passion more than anything else. And thus far my writing has opened doors to getting in touch with various independent authors around the world and even getting some freebie gadgets as well.

As much as I think about the lack of progress for my creative writing, I still think that my blogging still has some longer-term value. Maybe I can hone my expository writing to reach a point when I can have a column with some larger publication. Or on the flip side I can also consider gathering some of my blog posts into a compilation that I could possible market somehow like is the case with other writers. There are many possible avenues for getting published and I think I want to continue investing in this side of my writing for now to see where it takes me.

The weather is being a little weird again as of late. We don't exactly have storm warnings on the horizon, but things are being random enough to be all warm and sunny one moment and then rainy all of a sudden later in the afternoon. The joys of a tropical climate.