0187B: Mid-Week Blah

Hey, it's my birthday tomorrow! You, my adoring blog fans, still have a chance to give me another book to read and review by going over my Amazon Kindle Wish List or just gifting me a book on Amazon. Obviously I'm totally invested in the Kindle environment so I'm good with their DRM-locked ebooks. It's a pretty hard habit to kick but one that I shall continue to celebrate.

Given all the early birthday greetings from the prior week though, I have to admit that I wonder if I'll still get folks saying something by tomorrow. Then again, social media is rather helpful in this area and I'm sure that even those that greeted last week are highly likely to greet me again tomorrow. Birthday greetings are almost a conditioned response now given how easily we're notified of them these days. Such are the wonders of technology these days.

And as mentioned before, my birthday still feels pretty deep in the middle of the week this year despite falling on a Thursday. Work has been rather busy all month so I've banked my vacation time for the big September Singapore trip instead. And so this is going to be another year where I cross into my next year as a human being a the office. I don't necessarily feel bad about this - just a little miffed that I wasn't able to juggle my schedule and my other obligations around in order to secure some time off.

Then again, I've gotten this far in life by knowing how to manage the delicate balance between work and play. And this is going to have to be a focused week for work - the good stuff will come along by the weekend, I'm sure.