01864: When Two Are Joined

When you get into a relationship, you start as two individuals with very distinct interests and priorities. Even when the members of a couple seem to share a lot of things in common, at the end of the day they're still different people.

But once you get together, things start to change. You focus on the things that you have in common or more often than not you discover new things to share and enjoy together. And that's really part of the wonders of being in a relationship I guess. Instead of being two shapes trying to fit together, the two of you change into a completely new shape that fits perfectly together.

Sometimes I think to how different I was just over 5 years when my outward interests reflected my ex a lot more. We'd have all these nights at out dance clubs like Bed with different groups of friends and all that jazz. I'm still present in the local club scene, at least as far as O Bar is concerned, but definitely not as frequently as before. It's still a part of me, but not one that is as dominant or important as the other bits.

Instead a greater part of my life is centered around our gaming activities and the people that we interact with as part of these game nights and RPG sessions and hangouts at places like Ludo. This is more than just some passing fancy but it's really more something that Tobie and I celebrate together and enjoy a heck of a lot. And it's become the ideal way to interact with friends on a regular basis through a hobby that we all love and enjoy. There's a honesty to such relationships that I'm really liking - it all feels a lot more relevant than some of the casual hangouts with more fair weather friends that we have - or had.

And we see the same thing time and time again. I know of a bar friend who was pretty much just into the scene in general and now he always seems to be talking about how well certain singers since and even posting his own covers of different songs online, all because his partner is pretty passionate about singing as well. We see couples that find themselves in their hobbies whether it means dressing up as Stormtroopers or creating baked goods.

Good relationships find that common ground - or even create it - and then celebrate it. And you should always feel that you are free to celebrate what you love and have the support of your loved ones to do just that.