01421: Sunday with Mom

So my big plans to check out the Toy Kingdom Toy Expo at SMX today sort of went out the window after alternative plans were made to spend the day with my mom. This wasn't a bad thing at all since family quality time is always important, plus a geek friend of mine mentioned that he had checked out the expo and it was pretty disappointing. So I guess I didn't entirely miss out.

So the new plan was to meet my mom for lunch so we could watch Hope Springs, mainly because we wanted to see how Meryl Streep would perform. And it's not even because we expected her not to do well - we just wanted to see how amazing she'd be.

The movie was certainly quaint and poignant in its own right while tackling the very real issue of how marriages (or other long term relationships) can fall into the trap of the loss of intimacy and that sexual fire in the relationship. So yeah, it was sort of funny to watch a movie like this after my own break-up and of course with my mother.

Meryl Streep, of course, was brilliant. She could probably charge extra for the acting of her mouth, eyes and cheekbones individually. And of course the real money is to be made when all these elements come together and create the amazing range of motion that only she can bring to the screen. It always bewilders me how she is able to recreate herself for every movie that she stars in and becomes a completely different person. Oh Meryl.

I'm back at home after a lot of time spent going around Eastwood Mall as mom made her rounds and I also tried to get a few items of importance. I wasn't so lucky though in the pet department since the stores still didn't have the stuff we need to better toilet train Yoshi. Drat.

Now I'm back home waiting to see if my plans for the night will still push through. Hard to say at this point, but we'll see.
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