01425: Balancing Work Stress Somehow

Work is very, very busy. And it's going to get busier still. It's a challenge enough that the end of the 3rd quarter of the year naturally leads to increased activity on the business development front, but a personally significant organizational change is going to totally disrupt my workflow. I'll be able to handle things in the very short term but unless other departments do their job, I'm going to feel a major squeeze before the year is over.

My only consolation is that this also means new opportunities for me. Or at least that's how the theory goes.

On the domestic front, we managed to bring Yoshi over to Pet Express for a long-overdue grooming session. We made sure that he got the whole nine yards and after more than two hours of work, he's quite the handsome puppy once more. Being a white dog with an increased likelihood to generate excessive fluids from his tear ducts, he'll be dirty in no time. But at least the worst of his tangles are gone and he's now a lot more comfortable given the overall humidity.

And he looks pretty darned good, too!

We also finally got some of the puppy trainer solution to help condition him to pee in a particular location. We're hoping that will help us address Yoshi's pee-bending abilities to be limited to his doggie pee box, but it'll take a fair amount of work to get that done. The solution should work as long as we regularly make sure Yoshi sniffs it periodically throughout the day until he gets used to it and, well, starts peeing in the right place. Wish us luck!

Otherwise I'm just trying to make the most of what spare time that I have available. Recently that has been divided between blogging, reading books like Robopocalypse and watching various TV shows. Oh, and I still have plans of watching a few more Woody Allen movies when I'm ready for it. I can't watch too many of those movies in succession due to all the neurotic rambling that defines a lot of his movies.
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