0140C: Fulfilling Rainy Sunday

Despite the rather dismal weather, I think it's safe for me to say that I had a pretty good day with friends. It was a mixed experience of advocacy (of various kinds), some culture (and stuffed underwear) and a lot more eating than normal (yay food!). So yeah, it has been a pretty full day.

First, met up with the PG4M folks all the way at Robinson's Place Manila to have a preliminary brainstorming session for the Pride March in December. PG4M has volunteered to play more of a role in the program committee and today was the first time we had met up in person after quite a number of emails. I can't really commit to being fully involved in the final program and logistics given my many other obligations, so instead I've taken on the role of devil's advocate as I make sure some of their loftier ideas are brought back to the ground.

Then some of us made our way over to The Library to catch one of the last shows of Bed Scenes / Sins - which was the staging of two separate one-act plays by J.Dennis C. Teodosio. Dapo was an interesting dramatic piece focused on two lovers in a motel room. Through their conversation we learn more and more about them until we end with a better picture of who they are along with an understanding of the eventual end. And there was Carmi Martin, which starts out as a comedic encounter between a teacher and some student that he's picked up at the mall and then ends with a most surprising (and perhaps disturbing) twist. On the whole it was a pretty interesting theater experience, although I'm not quite sure how viable the Library is as a stage play venue in the long term.

Then it was a lot of trudging in the rain and eventually ducking into a Japanese restaurant for a rather rich and  authentic dinner. I ended up ordering the chiraishi rice meal, which essentially is the equivalent of a bowl of rice with a fun mix of various sashimi slices. The others got some pretty fun bento meals and it made for a very full night of eating for all of us. And beyond the food, we also had quite a heck of a lot of conversation, which also left us feeling quite full from a social perspective.

Thankfully Tobie offered to pick us up from Malate to help us all get home. The rains may not be strong but have been rather steady, thus many parts of Malate and Manila in general had already started to flood by the time we were making our way home.

Now to relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend.