01414: Last Bit on Diablo 3 Before Work

So I spent most of the family weekend playing Diablo 3 with my brother. It has been a while since I've gone into full gamer mode - which means foregoing sleep in favor of playing more. And as mad as it was to stay awake more than 34 hours just to finish the game the first time around and then play again on the higher difficulty level after another quick recovery nap, that's just part of the fun. We didn't manage to finish Act II on Nightmare mode though despite my staying over for another night. But we did have a lot of fun.

Diablo 3 isn't quite as compelling as I had hoped it would be compared to the prior installment. I think I mentioned before that there are aspects of the game that feel significantly dumbed down. The best examples of this would be the loss of character stat points and the much simpler skill-rune system. It does make the game a bit easier to engage in for newer players but for longer-term veterans of the game, it does seem a bit lackluster in this regard.

But the game as a whole is still a comforting experience for someone like me who has played through all prior installments of the game. The core experience hasn't changed too much and the benefit of the variable rune system does allow for constantly changing your character's abilities in order to tailor your build to better address certain enemies.

The only other item of note from the weekend are my continuing asthma issues. The bad weather from last week has certainly affected me more than I was initially comfortable admitting and now my asthma has a linger cough to go with it. I may need to alter my medication to better address it - mom had me try what she has been taking for her own asthma-related cough and it seems like a good alternative. It may cost me a bit more, but then if it means this cough goes away and I no longer feel like there's a vise in my chest, then it should be okay.

And now to prepare for work. Oh joy.
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  1. I was not as happy with D3. It just feels like it is lacking at Inferno. The power curve is inverted.

    I hope the medicine change can help. Physical ailments can drain the energy from us quickly.


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