01409: Doing Things Alone?

The weather seems relatively stable in the parts of the city that I'm primarily involved with - that would be Quezon City for the Sietch and of course Makati for work. I can't speak for the rest of the Metro - what more the country. But the storm is, at the very least, all the way in Taiwan.

Currently watching Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, after catching the trailer of the movie the other day on a friend's Facebook page. Given that the movie features Dame Judi Dench, Dame Maggie Smith, Penelope Wilton and Bill Nighy - the cast alone has pretty much sold me. But the story also seems rather intriguing to boot, so that's a good thing.

Taking the time to watch the movie today despite the on-going Star Wars marathon with Prince since Tobie is here as well. He stayed the night after yesterday's late First Wednesday grocery run at the nearby Shopwise for the regular restocking procedure.

Just because we've broken up doesn't mean our lives aren't intertwined anymore. Over time the threads may unravel on their own or can be deliberately separated as needed. But for now it means that there are days when Tobie is here, and that's not a bad thing at all. The Sietch requires certain things to keep it running smoothly and that includes all of us working together to keep it stocked with supplies, meals prepared and Yoshi preoccupied when needed. And thankfully, the three of us are still able to come together to do precisely that.

I don't feel as sad as I expected I might be given the break-up. Of course it probably helps that it was an amicable split to begin with. But more importantly it's also because I'm choosing to see this as a positive experience - a chance to learn more about myself, recharge my emotional batteries and continue to grow as an individual. Not that I think this can't be done while in a loving and committed relationship. But more specifically it's about learning other things outside the relationship - a chance to prepare myself even more for the next one.

It's tricky trying to figure out certain plans for the future though - or maybe it's because of me still being in the mindset of certain activities being rather social ones. Case in point, I'm thinking of catching the stagings of Forbidden Broadway and Potted Potter which are both happening this month, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to watch them alone. Theater, at least for me, is quite the social experience. I like being able to immediately discuss how the play went with a companion or two as we exit the theater. Watching a play alone could also be a learning experience of sorts, but not an excessively happy one, I suppose.

Or maybe I just need to practice changing my mindset a bit more.

And there's still my birthday towards the end of the month. I could try to schedule some big celebration of the weekend at O Bar or something, but would that really be fun? Or would I rather go off alone somewhere and just center myself, or some mumbo-jumbo like that. Or maybe...there are too many maybes in my head and I just need to drop this topic for now and return to it when I'm not quite as stressed or without too many lingering emotional weights still floating around my head.

I'm still okay, dear friends. I think I'm feeling a bit more upbeat that I was last week. So hopefully the next time a stranger snaps my photo, I won't like quite as dour as I did in this one from last Saturday night...

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