01413: Family Diablo Time

So despite my lack of sleep yesterday, my brother and I crazily played Diablo 3 all night just so I could see the end of the game. It was quite a tricky endeavor, but with his Wizard and my Witch Doctor, we manage to destroy the Lord of Terror - and without dying too! So yeah, it's a pretty fun game and I really need to get my own copy (along with a new computer than can run the darn thing.

It's been a nice weekend around that, despite the knowledge that my sister is flying back today. Beyond our big day out yesterday, the rest of the time has just been about all of us staying together. Like many families, we're pretty simple that way. The only rather special difference this time around is the fact that Dad bought himself an espresso machine and he makes a wicked shot of java. His two double shot espressos that I consumed last night probably contributed to my ability to stay awake more than 34 hours, hahaha!

Oh well, back to playing!