01417: Kitchen Frustrations

I don't want to talk about current events right now - the state of the country is just crazy on so many levels that I don't want to get into things.

And I didn't even cook this - Tobie did.
I feel like a stranger in my own kitchen at times - I guess this is the natural consequence of not having cooked regularly over the past 6 months. From already having reached a point when the balance of ingredients and related flavors, I'm back to forgetting ingredients or being uncertain of the quantities of this or that spice in order to attain the desired end result. It's a bit frustrating, but at the very least it means that I have a more kitchen challenges to enjoy overcoming one dish at a time.

I'm undecided what I want to try cooking next - there's a whole world of ingredients, cuisines and approaches left for me to explore and I theoretically have all the time in the world to explore them. And that's not a bad thing at all, right? Almost any situation can be taken as a positive with the right perspective.

And that is proving to be quite the survival trait essential to my journey as a single man.

Rocky Cooking circa 2010
In the meantime, it's a bit frustrating to get back to my former level of confidence in the kitchen. I feel a bit awkward when I chop things and food doesn't taste quite as good as I remember them once I'm done cooking. It's probably why I don't cook as much as I used to either. There's that general sense of being afraid to do badly again or even just how it seems harder to find things in the fridge or the pantry since I haven't been keeping in practice.

Thus major note to self for the future (single or otherwise) - never give up your place in the kitchen. No matter how who I get involved with or how much better other people can cook compared to me, I should always try to contribute to the preparation of meals one way or another. This I promise to myself and I swear on the glory of my Transformers collection.

And yes, I said glory.